• 5 Tips to Beating Post-Festival Depression

    Posted by Anarchy Street

    Do you suffer from PFD: Post-Festival Depression? For all you Coachella goers who can't fathom returning to the real world... we've got some tips on how to detox from your wild weekend and transition back to your normal life.
    1. HYDRATE 
    Sip some coconut water for hydration with added electrolytes and minerals. 
    2. CLEANSE
    Get your nutrient count up and cleanse your body with a refreshing fruit or vegetable juice loaded with vitamins. 
    3. GRUB
    Dancing for days in the desert burns lots of calories, so load up on some good food. Splurge a little! Your body needs that energy after your long weekend. 
    4. FRESH AIR 
    We know you're depressed that the weekend is over, so get outside and get some vitamin D to boost your mood.
    Last but not least, rest up after your long weekend. Your body needs some downtime after all those late night adventures. 





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