• DIY: Gold Leaf Mini Pumpkins

    Posted by Anarchy Street

    Want to add some serious lux and gold to your décor this Autumn? Try and make these adorable and super easy gold leaf pumpkins.


    Mini pumpkins, tacky glue, white acrylic paint, brushes, and gold metal leaf sheets.

    Step 1

    Start out by painting your pumpkin with the white acrylic paint; do a couple of layers to completely cover the orange from the pumpkin and it be cohesive. You can also skip this step all together and have an orange pumpkin or simply purchase white pumpkins.

    *Make sure to remove your jewelry because this project can get a bit messy.

    Step 2:

    After you've left the paint dry, grab your tacky glue and use a paint brush to smear it where you want the gold to go. Make sure to do this in sections because the tacky glue will dry fast.

    Step 3:

    Grab your gold leaf sheet and press it to the glue. The sheet is extremely delicate and will most likely crumble as you glue; but that's okay. The more 'broken' and scattered  it looks, the better.

    Step 4:

    Once you have the leaf all around your pumpkin, grab another brush and try to break of the gold leaf even more. This will add a more shabby/ lux look. Once you have completed this step, Ta-Da you're done!

    See how easy that was! Now you can use these pumpkins as décor for Halloween, use them as center pieces for a nice and seasonal dinner, or just make them for fun! See the final product below.

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