Posted by Anarchy Street

Happy National Chocolate Day!
From Nutella to Hersheys and everything in
between, a life without chocolate is a life not lived. In order to celebrate this glorious
day, we have compiled our top 5 favorite chocolate bars:
1) Trader Joe’s Swiss Milk Chocolate: Pretty much the best wholesome
chocolate bar you can buy. It has the smoothest and richest flavor; trust us
you will not be disappointed.
2) Ghirardelli Squares Milk and Caramel: The gooey caramel filling in this
delectable chocolate square will have you wanting to finish the entire bag.
3) Ferrero Roche: These easy, “get at checkout” chocolate balls never fail to
satisfy. The balance of hazelnut, thin wafer, and Nutella like inner consistency
will make you want to hide all the golden wrappers.
4) Compartes Birthday Cake Bar: This “Let Them Eat Cake” gourmet bar tastes
just like a vanilla based birthday cake batter and has tons of rainbow
sprinkles making it not only pretty but also delectable.
5) Trader Joe’s Organic 72% Belgian Dark: This is the chocolate bar you must
have on hand daily because of it’s health benefits and consistent dark
chocolate flavor.