Posted by Natalia Chavez

1. Anarchy Street Headdress Midi Ring

To start off our five favorites of the week is the Anarchy Street Headdress Midi Ring. Its unique composition makes other rings feel shameful as this one stands out in your layer of hand candy. For the bohemian babes, let your hands do the talking!

2. White Peach and Rose Lemonade

If you’re feeling a bit feminine and slightly romantic this week, but still frazzled by the summer heat, cool down with this new twist on lemonade. The white peaches and rose water lend a delicate floral aroma, while the lemon adds the right amount of citrus taste. Get the recipe from our {DLish} Pinterest Board!

3. White Marble Laptop Skin

Here at Anarchy Street we can not get over the White Marble trend; we think it adds a sense of luxury to a simple setting. With ‘Back to School’ just around the corner, make a chic statement with this marble skin for your laptop.

4. Woven Two Piece

We know Summer is coming to an end but you still have those ‘End of Summer’ and ‘Labor Day’ parties to hit! Turn heads at the pool or beach with a unique woven two piece bikini like this one.

5. Lace Up Sandals

The transition from summer to fall is not always the easiest, especially when it comes to the transition of your shoes! We think these lace up sandals are perfect for that time of year when it’s still hot and you can get away with wearing your go-to summer dress, but can also play around with some fall pieces. These lace ups are definitely an everyday staple.