Posted by Anarchy Street

1. Drawing in black and white!

When drawing on snapchat, there is a rainbow of colors to choose from... except no white or black. But did you know there is a secret way to access these missing colors?!
Touch the snapchat color strip with your finger, hold it and drag all the way to the bottom, then all the way to the left to access black ink.
For white ink, hold it and drag it half way down, then all the way to the left. 

2. More character space when typing! 

Have you ever wanted to type something in your Snapchat, but couldn't fit it in the allotted characters? Well now there is a way to fit as many words as you want!
Simply open your notes app and hit return a few times. Select and copy the blank space and paste it into the typing section of Snapchat. Now you can have multiple rows of text! 

3. Save your story!

Did you know there is a way to save your entire Snapchat story without having to save each one individually. When you click on your story, click the downward arrow on the top right corner. Now all of your Snapchats are saved into one video (including pictures)! 

4. Filters!

You probably already know about the regular color filters Snapchat provides, but did you know you can use emojis to get a colored filter?!
Simply take your snap, then use the text tool to enter an emoji.
Use your fingers to zoom in on the edge of the emoji to get a tinted color filter! 

5. Different colored text!

Did you know you can make each word in your text a different color?
Simply select the word or letter you would like and then select your color from the color strip on the right. 

6. Scan

Did you know you do not have to manually add users to Snapchat if they are nearby? Simply go to the camera view of the app and click on the ghost at the top. This will bring down your personal Snapchat info, including your yellow ghost icon. If another Snapchatter puts your yellow ghost icon in his camera view, Snapchat will automatically make you Snapchat friends!
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